Activités estivales 2017

11 May 2017

Inscriptions obligatoires – Les inscriptions auront lieu à la cafétéria de l’école notre-dame, situé au 15 rue York à Huntingdon, le lundi, 15 mai 2017 de 17h à 20h et le mardi, 16 mai 2017 de 17h à 20h. Les activités offertes cette année sont le cheerleading, la natation, la balle molle (softball), le tennis…

Inscription camp de jour 2017

8 May 2017

Publicité camp de jour 2017 – Inscription obligatoire pour la saison 2017 – L’inscription aura lieu à la cafétéria de l’école notre-dame, 15, rue York, Huntingdon, le lundi, 15 mai 2017 de 17h à 20h et le mardi, 16 mai 2017 de 17h à 20h.  Assurez- vous d’apporter le numéro d’assurance maladie de votre enfant.      

Inscription aux jardins communautaires 2017

1 May 2017

Outre le plaisir de récolter vos propres légumes, vous trouverez dans nos jardins communautaires un lieu de rencontres en plein air. Venez-vous inscrire dès maintenant à l’hôtel de ville, situé au 23, rue King Huntingdon du lundi au jeudi de 9h00 à midi et de 13h00 à 17h00. Un dépôt de 5$ sera demandé lors de…

Beginning of the collection of composting – Tuesday, April 11, 2017

5 April 2017

Reminder: to cause no disadvantage, it is very important that the covered bins (brown, green and blue) are closed at all times. The residents can put their brown bin at the edge of their property at 7:00 a.m. the day of collection (or 7:00 p.m. the day before).    

Entrepreneur portrait: A Kia car dealership settles in Huntingdon

23 March 2017

With over 11 years of experience managing Régate Kia Valleyfield, its co-owner Steve Charland is now opening a brand new Kia auto dealer in Huntingdon. The Valleyfield branch is known for its personalized approach and team of qualified technicians. “This future endeavour is built on the same foundation that is unmatched expertise and the respect…

Entrepreneur portrait : A new production department in Huntingdon for Verger du Clocher

6 March 2017

The Clocher’s culinary artisans create a plethora of gourmet products from the fruits harvested in their orchard. For over ten years, their award-winning vinegars, mustards, jellies and other homemade delicacies have been in high demand. In fact, due to the ever-growing interest of their epicurean clientele, they now have to build a brand new production…

Entrepreneur portrait: Edge Lettrage chooses Huntingdon

28 February 2017

A workday in the life of Edge Lettrage’s Marc-André Bélisle consists of measuring, printing and installing all kinds of projects. Race cars, facades? He does it all! From simple lettering to intricate wrapping, he makes entrepreneurs and individuals’ wildest ideas come true, complete with quality customer service and dependable results. Design and printing have been…

New Sport Depot

31 May 2016

The Sport Depot is a service offered to Haut-Saint-Laurent population, rental of sport equipment for everyone, kids and adults…