Self-care Guide – COVID-19

30 March 2020

Free membership – The Little Green Library

10 January 2019

Very good news! Free membership for Dundee, Hinchinbrooke and Huntingdon As of 2019, membership in the library will be free for the citizens of Huntingdon, Dundee and Hinchinbrooke thanks to an agreement concluded with their municipality. The membership fee is unchanged for citizens of other municipalities.

Entrepreneur portrait – Russet House: A local business with a worldwide outreach

14 June 2017

Founded in 2007 and now running with 155 employees at its plant in Huntingdon, Russet House offers a complete range of services, from the processing, production, quality control and merchandizing of high-end food products. Thanks to its devoted team, the company grew remarkably over time and is now the third largest processor of sweet potatoes…

Entrepreneur portrait: A Kia car dealership settles in Huntingdon

23 March 2017

With over 11 years of experience managing Régate Kia Valleyfield, its co-owner Steve Charland is now opening a brand new Kia auto dealer in Huntingdon. The Valleyfield branch is known for its personalized approach and team of qualified technicians. “This future endeavour is built on the same foundation that is unmatched expertise and the respect…

Entrepreneur portrait : A new production department in Huntingdon for Verger du Clocher

6 March 2017

The Clocher’s culinary artisans create a plethora of gourmet products from the fruits harvested in their orchard. For over ten years, their award-winning vinegars, mustards, jellies and other homemade delicacies have been in high demand. In fact, due to the ever-growing interest of their epicurean clientele, they now have to build a brand new production…