Entrepreneur portrait : A new production department in Huntingdon for Verger du Clocher

6 March 2017

The Clocher’s culinary artisans create a plethora of gourmet products from the fruits harvested in their orchard. For over ten years, their award-winning vinegars, mustards, jellies and other homemade delicacies have been in high demand. In fact, due to the ever-growing interest of their epicurean clientele, they now have to build a brand new production centre.

With the “excessive cost” of rent in the regions surrounding their orchard, the entrepreneurs chose to settle in Huntingdon, on Lorne Street. Once renovated, this workspace will be used to prepare their renowned cider vinegar, among other products.

Why Huntingdon?

“Rent is very affordable and, most importantly, the City’s employees are attentive, available and always willing to give a hand. Snow clearing was even included in our contract! For a small business that is growing like ours, it makes a huge difference.”

— Manuel Boucher, associate