Municipal tax bills

Tax bill deadlines

Tax bills are payable in three equal installments, as follows:

  • 1st installment: March 24th, 2016
  • 2nd installment: June 8th, 2016
  • 3rd installment: September 14th, 2016

However, if the total municipal property taxes are less than $ 300, the fees must be paid in a single payment. The interest rate currently in force in the city of Huntingdon is 7%, and the penalty amount is 5%.

By-law 877-2016 – Establishing tax rates for financial year 2016

Tax rate for the 2016 year

For General Property TaxPer $100 assessment
According to basic rate category
Residential buildings0.47 $
Non-residential buildings1.00 $
Buildings with 6 units or more0.55 $
Agricultural land0.47 $
Vacant land0.95 $
Special property taxPer $ 100 assessment
For all buildings0.33 $
Service chargesPer housing unit
Police105 $
Water350 $
Sewage40 $
Garbage 120 $
Recycling95 $
Wastewater management160 $
Debt – Wastewater treatment30 $

How to pay your taxes

We recommend that you make your payments one of the following ways:

IMPORTANT: Remember to allow sufficient time for transmission delay.

  • Through participating financial institutions’ on-line banking sites;
  • By mail, while including your tax code on the back of your check. Upon payment of the first instalment, we suggest you include cheques for the 2nd and 3rd instalments with the appropriate payment forms in the same shipment;
  • By the drop-off box located at the main entrance of City Hall (cheque only);
  • By payment at City Hall (cheque or cash accepted);
  • At an ATM of your financial institution (you must first submit the tax bill from the City of Huntingdon at your financial institution, in person, by phone or on-line).

If you are a new owner

When you purchase a property during the year, you will not receive a new tax bill as the City of Huntingdon issues only one account at the beginning of the year. This does not relieve you in any way the obligation to pay your taxes by the deadlines set by the City.

Normally, when you sign your contract at the notary, you are informed of the amount of taxes due for the current year. If your lawyer does not give you this information, you must call or come to City Hall to get the amount of taxes to be paid, and this, to avoid an accumulation of interest.

If you have not yet received your account, you must include with your payment (on the front of your check) the numbers of the tax bills you wish to pay. You can contact the front desk of the City Hall at 450 264-5389 ext. 221 to obtain information on your tax bill, or visit our section related to the property tax credit program..