Entrepreneur portrait – Russet House: A local business with a worldwide outreach

14 June 2017

Founded in 2007 and now running with 155 employees at its plant in Huntingdon, Russet House offers a complete range of services, from the processing, production, quality control and merchandizing of high-end food products. Thanks to its devoted team, the company grew remarkably over time and is now the third largest processor of sweet potatoes in North America.

Russet House’s development was made alongside the City of Huntingdon. “The City has always been open-minded and collaborative with us, explains Mr. Léopold Moyen, President of Russet House. It certainly participated in our growth and allowed us to maintain a long-term vision, which is an important source of motivation for an entrepreneur.”

A regional pride

Winner of numerous international awards, the president is especially proud of the impact he can create amongst his team and the community.

“We started this business in an unfavourable economic context, but 10 years later, we finally see the results of the effort we put in, says Mr. Moyen. We are now reinvesting massively to both contribute to our sustainability and provide our workers with even better quality employment and state-of-the-art technology.”