Entrepreneur portrait: A Kia car dealership settles in Huntingdon

23 March 2017

With over 11 years of experience managing Régate Kia Valleyfield, its co-owner Steve Charland is now opening a brand new Kia auto dealer in Huntingdon. The Valleyfield branch is known for its personalized approach and team of qualified technicians. “This future endeavour is built on the same foundation that is unmatched expertise and the respect of our clientele’s needs,” Mr. Charland promises.

The inauguration is planned for Spring 2017. Residents of the region will then be able to witness the plethora of services provided: from the sale of new and used cars to the mechanical and aesthetic maintenance by Kia specialists.

Why choose Huntingdon?

“Over the last few years, we have noticed the city’s development through a number of projects geared to stimulate local economy. There is an opening on the automotive market in Huntingdon and we are happy to see that the City is determined to offer us its support.” — Steve Charland, co-owner