Archives and access to information

The Registrar’s Office oversees the management of all the municipality’s administrative and archived documents. In doing so, the Registrar sees to the application of the Act Respecting Access to Documents Held by Public Bodies and the Protection of Personal Information.

A request for access to a document should preferably be made in writing. To be admissible, the application must be addressed to the appropriate official, Ms. Denyse Jeanneau, and must be sufficiently clear to enable the official to respond.

The City has twenty (20) days to respond to the demand, a period that can be extended in accordance with the law. Requests will be processed in accordance with the Act, and can be denied.

The following documentation is generally not accessible to the public:

  • Personal or nominative information enabling a person to be identified;
  • Information that could potentially harm the economical interests of the municipality;
  • Information on justice or public safety that may cause harm to an individual;
  • Drafts, outlines or preparatory notes of a document, etc.;
  • Analysis reports and recommendations.

The right to access a document is free if it is carried out by on-site consultation during normal business hours. If the applicant wishes to obtain a copy of a document for which they have been granted access, they must pay any applicable related fees under the Regulations Respecting Fees for the Transcription, Reproduction or Transmission of Documents or Nominative Information.

Access to Information Request Form


The fees for the transcription and reproduction of a document held by a municipal body are the following:

1. Event or Accident Report $ 15.25
2. Copy of general street plan or any other plan $ 3.75
3. Copy of an extract of an assessment report (each unit) $ 0.44
4. Copy of municipal bylaw (Maximum amount of $ 35) $ 0.38
5. Copy of financial report $ 3.05
6. Reproduction of list of taxpayers or inhabitants (by name) $ 0.01
7. Reproduction of list of electors or qualified voters in the case of a referendum (by name) $ 0.01
8. Photocopy of a document other than those listed above (page) $ 0.38
9. Typewritten or handwritten page $ 3.75

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