Permits and certificates

Permits and authorization certificates

If you want to perform work in order to build, set up, reconstruct, expand, renovate, repair, demolish or convert any structure, or undertake excavation for new construction work, you must obtain a construction permit or certificate of authorization for this purpose.

Responsible citizens

These regulations are designed in the public interest. The role of the municipality is to accompany the person applying for a building permit or renovation. The citizen must therefore be cautious and act responsibly in decisions related to their construction project. You are responsible for your own conduct. When applying for a renovation or construction permit, you are responsible for ensuring the compliance of your project with:

  • Planning regulations;
  • The Quebec Building Code;
  • The National Fire Code.

You must also demand that designers, builders, contractors and other professionals carry out the work in accordance with all regulations and rules of their trade. The quality of construction is the responsibility of the citizen, who must ensure that developers, builders, contractors and professionals perform their work in compliance with the rules of the art and fully assume their civic responsibilities.

For their part, the role of the City’s Department of Planning is to ensure that the standards of the zoning and subdivision regulations are met. Compliance with the Quebec Building Code and National Fire Code is the responsibility of citizens, professionals and entrepreneurs. City officials can refer to these regulations both in the analysis of applications for permits and during inspections.

Need a building permit or of authorization certificate?

If you are not certain whether you need such a license, inquire within the City. It is easy and will save you much trouble. Always ask the right thing by first contacting the urban planning and zoning department before starting the work.

Whether for indoor or outdoor renovations, finishing a basement, building a shed or patio, installing a fence, pool or heat pump, each project must comply with the regulations. In some cases, you will not need a license, but you still have the responsibility to ensure that your work meets the regulations.

For this, we invite you to visit the following links where you will find much useful information for your project. You can also contact our urban planning and zoning department.