About the registry service

The Cities and Towns Act provides that the Municipal Council must meet at least once a month. The Council may also meet in a special session when deemed appropriate for the proper functioning of certain cases.

The Registrar’s duties include preparing and convening municipal council meetings. They also attend meetings and prepare the minutes of proceedings. In addition, they disseminate by-laws and resolutions, maintain records of meetings, publish public notices required by local law, and provide follow-up on files that are attributed to the Registrar as a public officer.

Where required, the Registrar ensures to obtain approval of by-laws and resolutions from appropriate authorities.

The Registry is ex-officio President of Elections in accordance with the law, and is bestowed with the responsibility of overseeing any election or referendum process. They are also responsible for receiving and consulting public bids, as well as the sale of properties due to unpaid taxes.

The Registry also offers an administration-of-oath and solemn declaration service to the citizens of Huntingdon.

Registrar Service
Denyse Jeanneau, Registrar
Phone: 450 264-5389 ext. 224
Email : greffe@villehuntingdon.com