First responders

Huntingdon’s First Responders Service was formed on May 24th, 2005. Twelve of the City’s firefighters have successfully completed the 60-hour training required to make up this team of emergency health care professionals.

First responders are able to react quickly to emergency situations in which the life or physical well being of an individual is at risk because of a health problem or trauma, before the arrival of paramedics.

These individuals are trained according to specific medical protocol in order to evaluate and stabilize patients in various situations, such as checking vital signs and assisting victims in cases of difficulty breathing, chest pain, loss of consciousness, seizures, trauma, haemorrhage, childbirth, poisoning, burns, etc.

First responders do not simply react spontaneously to emergencies; they form a well-organized team in which each member has a specific role established by formal training procedures. Their priority is to assist people in need. The medical supervision to which they are subjected is rigorous. Indeed, a detailed record of each intervention is given to the Centre de Santé Service Sociaux (CSSS), who then analyse the intervention and provide the necessary follow-up.

Paramedics work closely with first responders in emergency situations. Their job is to provide clear and concise information to paramedics and make themselves available to assist them. This enables paramedics to be well informed upon their arrival on the scene and seamlessly take over the situation, making the intervention faster and more efficient.

The First Responders of Huntingdon answer an average of 100 calls per year.

The service consists of 12 members, who provide volunteer community service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

First responder firefighters

  • Roger Lefebvre
  • Marc Voyer
  • Steve Carrigan
  • Marc Sherry
  • Lee Campbell
  • Nancy Laurence Cloutier
  • Mélanie Sherry

The City of Huntingdon honours the unconditional devotion of these volunteers for the benefit of all citizens of their community.