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Message from the mayor

André Brunette, Mayor

On behalf of City Council and the citizens of Huntingdon, it is with great enthusiasm that we launch our new website designed for citizens and visitors alike.

Thanks to this communication tool, citizens can now quickly and easily consult the various municipal services available, as well as a wealth of practical information. For their part, our visitors will discover a small rural town of unique beauty.

Proud capital of Huntingdon County, our city opens its doors to all residents. At the heart of our concerns, we believe that it is important for our citizens to be informed of the decisions made by their elected representatives. In fact, here at City Hall citizen consultation is always taken into account in decision-making. To further incite citizen involvement, this site will be constantly evolving to allow you to fully participate in the democratic life of our community.

Truly a town on the rise in terms of economic growth, Huntingdon has a range of public services and infrastructure that are available to meet the needs of investors interested in establishing their business close to the US and Ontario borders. In addition, as sole proprietor of three industrial complexes, the City of Huntingdon has rental space to offer at unbeatable prices.

We look forward to welcoming you to our town that is truly one of a kind!

Kindest regards,


André Brunette

Municipal concillors

Denis St-Cyr
Southern district
Elected to seat 1

Andrea Geary
Southern district
Elected to seat 2

Dominic Tremblay
Western district
Elected to seat 3

Florent Ricard
Western district
Elected to seat 4

Maurice Brossoit
Eastern district
Elected to seat 5

Rémi Robidoux
Eastern district
Elected to seat 6