Invest in Huntingdon

Geographical location

Remote view

The geographical location of Huntingdon is particularly favourable as it is located only 12 KM from the United States and 20 KM from the multi-modal port of Valleyfield.

Close-up view



Direct access to Trans-National Canada / USA railway track

CSX is a main route for importing and exporting goods between Canada and the United States. The track runs through Huntingdon and continues down to Florida and the Midwest.

2 provincial roads

The City of Huntingdon is accessible by provincial highway 138 East / West and Provincial Road 202 East / West.

Highway 30 is located 15 minutes from Huntingdon.

There are 4 border crossings nearby including Herdman at just 12 KM distance.

Maritime port

The Port of Valleyfield is located 15 minutes from Huntingdon (Saint Lawrence Seaway, Beauharnois Canal), which provides easy access to major markets in the U.S.A. through the Great Lakes and their tributaries.