Public works

Public works

Our mission

For the security and well being of our citizens, the department of Public Works plans, co-ordinates and manages the maintenance and repair of equipment and municipal infrastructure. Some contracts are insured by private companies under the supervision of the Director.


We work on-site and see to the proper functioning of the City’s equipment and infrastructure, including:

  • Drinking water distribution networks;
  • Fire hydrants;
  • Wastewater collection systems (sanitary and storm);
  • Public lighting networks (road, public parks and buildings);
  • Road networks, curbs and sidewalks;
  • Clearing snow from roads and sidewalks;
  • Urban green spaces and parks;
  • Park playground equipment;
  • Outdoor rinks;
  • The City’s public pool;
  • Tennis court;
  • Public buildings.

We also provide maintenance for:

  • The City’s lawns and flowerbeds;
  • Trees;
  • Traffic signal systems;
  • The City’s vehicle fleet

The Public Works department is also responsible for waste management, including:

  • Bulk waste and the removal of large waste items;
  • Collecting compostable materials;
  • Collecting recyclable materials;
  • Collecting leaves for composting;
  • The collection of branches.