Permits and certificates

Construction and renovations not requiring building permit or authorization certificate

  • Maintenance and minor repairs for which the cost does not exceed $ 500, that does not touch the building structure and exterior cladding (removal or installation of walls, doors, windows);
  • Aesthetic improvements such as painting, changing a bathtub or toilet;
  • Adding electrical outlets, switches, lighting and other similar work;
  • Landscaping;
  • Installation of temporary car shelters and snow fences;
  • Planting trees (some species, however, are prohibited);
  • Installation of ventilation;
  • Replacing or modifying a coating of a floor with the same or similar materials;
  • Replacing or modifying the display area of a sign when the frame supporting the display area is not changed (unless the property is situated in an area subject to a regulation on planning and architectural integration);
  • Repair to mortar joints;
  • Repair or replacement of damaged or deteriorated components of a balcony, as long as it is not extended, or modified or replaced representing 25% of its entirety.

In case you are undecided with respect to the requirements for obtaining a building permit or authorization certificate, please contact the municipal inspector at the administrative office of the City of Huntingdon located at 23 rue King Street during business hours, or by email at