Permits and certificates

Construction and renovations requiring a work permit

The following is a non-exhaustive list that details work requiring a permit for construction or renovation:

  • Construction or extension of a main building;
  • Construction, expansion or renovation of an accessory building such as a shed, garage, gazebo, etc.;
  • Renovation and repair of a main building:
    • Addition, expansion or demolition of wall or partition, or development of parts or additional housing (addition or removal);
    • Finishing of a basement;
    • Repair to foundation walls;
    • Installing or replacing doors and windows;
    • Replacing kitchen cabinets;
    • Replacing a power input;
    • Insulation;
    • Replacement of floor coverings with different materials;
    • Replacement or repair of interior wall coverings (drywall, ceramics);
    • Replacement or repair of roofing;
    • Installing or replacing gutters/eavestroughs;
    • Replacement or repair of plumbing system or component;
    • Transformation or change of a central heating system;
    • Fireplace consolidation works;
  • Construction or renovation of a deck, patio, porch or balcony;
  • Installing a fence or retaining wall;
  • Installing a swimming pool (in-ground, above-ground, semi-inground or inflatable), spa or hot tub;
  • Installation or modification of a sign (frame and support) (cert. authorization)
  • Installation or modification of an alarm system;
  • Change of use of a non-residential building to a residential building.