Fire services

Our mandat

Emergency interventions

The Huntingdon Fire Department responds to approximately 40 emergency calls per year, 25 of which are on the Huntingdon territory with an additional 15 from neighbouring municipalities belonging to the Mutual Aid partnership.

South-West Quebec Mutual Aid Fire Association

In addition to fighting fires, firefighters are increasingly involved more often in different types of emergencies unrelated to fires such as:

  • Floods and sewer back-up;
  • Hazardous Materials;
  • Special operations confined spaces;
  • Road accidents


Fire prevention is an important aspect of the service provided by the department. Throughout the year, firefighters perform various prevention activities.

  • Annual campaigns for fire prevention and education;
  • Residential inspections;
  • Inspection of family based daycares;
  • Inspection in industrial, commercial and public buildings;
  • Information sessions on several topics of fire prevention including nursing homes, schools, review and implementation of fire safety plans, etc.;

In accordance with by-law 701-2005 on fire prevention