Fire services

South-western Quebec fire mutual aid association

The Huntingdon Fire Department has been a member of the mutual assistance coalition known as the South-Western Quebec Fire Mutual Aid Association since its creation in 1967.


The mission of the Association is to organize and coordinate the human and material resources of all participating fire departments through a mutual assistance plan. The service can be used for firefighting or other emergencies at any moment fire services are required throughout the territory of member municipalities.

The Association regroups a total of eleven fire departments. While the association is in place to serve member municipalities, help may also be provided in other areas of Canada and the United States upon the request of a municipality or a fire department that is not part of the association.

Municipal members

Franklin, Godmanchester, Hinchinbrooke, Howick, Huntingdon, Ormstown, St-Anicet, St. Barbara, St. Etienne de Beauharnois, St-Louis-de-Gonzague and St-Stanislas-de-Kostka since January 1st, 2011.


  • President: Vacant
  • Vice President: Hugo D’amour – Ste-Barbe
  • Secretary-Treasurer: Eric Pilon – St-Étienne-de-Beauharnois
  • Chief Coordinator: Roger Lefebvre – Huntingdon
  • Assistant Coordinator: Georges Ocenas – Franklin
  • Assistant Coordinator: Hugo D’amour – Ste-Barbe
  • Assistant Coordinator: John Vine – Godmanchester