Public works

Municipal right-of-way

The City of Huntingdon reminds its citizens that road allowance, which is the space between the boundary of private property and the edge of the street or sidewalk, is a municipal right-of-way.

Ranging from a few meters deep, depending on the sector and type of street and security reasons, this municipal space must remain devoid of any objects or planting.

The planting or installment of rocks, trees, shrubs or fences of any type is not permitted. However, riverside owners must take care of the grass area on the right-of-way between their property and the bank of the river, and this in harmony with the landscaping of their property, as they have the responsibility of maintaining order of this property.

Municipal right-of-way is a necessity to which no one is exempted. Consequently, before beginning any type of landscaping or tree planting, the City strongly recommends that owners inquire within the municipality as to the exact area occupied by the municipal right-of-way in their sector. This simple gesture can prevent a considerable amount of inconvenience.