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Every spring, the City of Huntingdon devotes extensive efforts to maintain the roadway. The main cause of potholes is the infiltration of water through the cracks of the asphalt coating. This phenomenon is also due to the effects of freezing and thawing, weight overload, overuse of the road network, etc. Due to the period of freezing and thawing, the repairs are only temporary. To repair potholes permanently, it is essential to wait for the return of the summer season.

Did you know…

Since 1994, the provincial government, municipalities and cities have been released from any liability for damage caused by road conditions.

Quebec’s Cities and Towns Act exempts municipalities from liability:

  • Art. 604.1 paragraph 1: “The municipality is not responsible for damages caused by the presence of an object on the roadway, whether or not the object originated from a motor vehicle or is projected from the latter;
  • Art. 604.1 Paragraph 2: ” It is also not responsible for damages caused by the state of the roadway to tires or suspension systems of an automotive vehicle.”