Public works

Sewage backup

Public works have the task of determining whether the cause of sewage backup originates in municipal infrastructure or domestic property.

If the problem is due to the public network, the municipality carries out the repairs. However, if the problem derives from a domestic part of the sewer system, which starts at the property line, notice is given to the owner who then becomes responsible for the repairing of their pipelines.

Article 22 of the Municipal Powers Act (R.S.Q., chapter C-47.1) provides that:

“The municipality is not liable for damage caused to an immovable or its contents if the owner of the immovable neglects or omits to install an apparatus intended to reduce the risk of malfunction of a water supply system or sewer system in accordance with the by-law adopted under section 19. Such a by-law may apply to an immovable already erected if it prescribes a minimum period of one year to allow the owner to comply with that obligation.”

For further information please refer to:

By-law No. 773-2008

Regulations concerning the obligation to install a NON-RETURN valve with respect to any property served by the sewer system for the City of Huntingdon.

Management Policy

Claims arising from a sewer backup.